Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Not sure which song to call?

At our monthly singings in Ikebukuro, we usually go round the square taking turns choosing which song to sing next.  Of course you're always welcome to "pass", especially if it's your first time, but if you do want to call and are not sure which song to choose, here are some of the most popular among our regulars:

33b Abbeville
34b St. Thomas
38t Winter
47t Primrose
47b Idumea
49t Old Hundred
49b Mear
86 Poland
146 Hallelujah
147t Boylston
162 Plenary
178 Africa
276 Bridgewater
277 Antioch
287 Cambridge
347 Christian's Farewell
350 Nativity
448t Consecration
452 Martin
457 Wayfaring Stranger
503b Lloyd

We've sung all of these at least three times in the past, and there's a good chance we'll be able to get through them with little or no trouble.  If you've never called or led a song before, please give one of these a try!

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