Sunday, 25 February 2018

Missionary Chant/世界平和

現在うっとりしている曲です。今度の下北沢の図形音符合唱の会でみなさんに日本語で歌ってもらいたいと思います。図形音符の伝統と無関係の曲ですが私たちの会が歌えるために図形音符に書き直しました。前もって練習しようとすれば下のリンクをクリックしてください。練習のためだけです。ロボットが歌っています。 日時:3月3日、5~7時 場所:下北沢ナザレン教会 東京都世田谷区代田6-7-21 電話: 03-3468-2702
Ever since I heard this song, it's gripped me and won't let go. Here's a synthesized (by me) version of it, which I want to try in Japanese this coming Saturday at the Shimokitazawa singing. If you're going and you'd like to practice beforehand, you can go to the YouTube page, which will also have a link to the sheet music in shape notes. The tune is called Missionary Chant. It's not in any shape-note book, but like any music written in notes, the notes can be changed to shape notes, which, if you don't already know round notes, is much easier to learn. All the Japanese has romaji above it for anyone who needs it.

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